Are you looking for the best mountain bikes in Nelson, BC? If so, you are at the right place! At Sacred Ride, we have years of experience in offering the best mountain bikes for all your mountain bike needs.

Featured Bike Products

Here are a few perks of the mountain bikes that we offer:

Specially Built for your Terrain
If you want ta mountain bike geared for downhill, enduro, or cross-country we have a great selection to offer you. Sacred Bike is the proud distributor of the top rated mountain bikes that the region has to offer. With a special collection of bikes designed to tackle the Nelson BC area and all across the province.

Enduro Bikes
Enduro bikes are designed for the long grind up the mountain with enough travel and slack enough geometry to descent fast and in-control. When it comes to all-around mountain bikes, modern Enduro-oriented rigs are the kings of do-it-all versatility. We offer a wide selection of Enduro bikes. Give us a call /email or come on in and our great staff will be happy to help you find what you need.

The Right Bike
Mountain bike trails in Nelson, BC and across the province can be very unpredictable. With a lot of water, dust, rocky sections and steep fast terrain, you can easily find yourself on the wrong side of the bars.   Having the right bike and set-up is crucial for the enjoyment in this sport. With expert staff we set you up on the right bike for the right trails.

Carbon VS Aluminum
One of the most obvious and looked for advantages of carbon mountain bikes is their weight. It’s not a secret that it’s a lot easier to fashion a lighter frame from carbon than it is from aluminum. But is it always better?Stiffness – Carbon is much more stiffer. But the stiffer doesn’t always mean better even for competitive riders. Many enduro/trail and downhill riders chose alloy frames for their extra bit of flex and forgiveness which benefit their style of riding. Come into Sacred ride and check out our selection of both Carbon and Aluminum frames

Electric-Bikes ( E-Bikes)
There are a whole host of reasons why you might want some pedaling assistance in your life (electric bikes). Perhaps you have to travel with lots of cargo, and the added power can mean the difference between using a car or still spinning your two legs. If you love technology as much as we do, check out our collection of Trek and or Electra e-bikes. Electric bikes are designed for different people and different purposes, as a result, we offer a range of e-bikes.

So, whether you are looking for bikes, boards or gear for an adventure in the mountains, we have it all. Get in touch with one of our pro salesmen today to discuss your requirements for the finest e-bikes in Nelson, BC.