E-bikes are undoubtedly one of the healthiest and most environment-friendly ways to travel today. With the rise of electric vehicles, it was time to take the reliable of bicycle to the next level. E-bikes are the future of commuting. At Sacred Ride, we have always shown a keen interest in staying up to date with the trend. Therefore, we have a large collection of E-bikes for Nelson, BC. So, if you are looking for the best E-bikes in town, do not look any further.

Featured E-BIKE Products

Long Range E-bikes
The amount of battery that the E-bike stores decides the distance that it can travel without manpower. At Sacred Ride, we offer some of the most efficient E-bikes in town. The Trek, Electra and Devinci Bikes for Nelson BC that we offer have great battery storage capacity, allowing you to ride them for miles, purely on battery power. You can easily charge these batteries within a couple of hours to travel to your office or around the town in style.

Reliable Electrical Mechanisms
People are skeptical for the adoption of E-bikes due to their unreliable electrical mechanisms and short battery lives. However, Those days are gone! When you purchase an E-bike from Sacred Ride, you can rely on us to provide you with the bikes that feature the state of the art battery and motor mechanisms. Our E-bikes will serve the role of a friendly companion on long journeys. The electrical and mechanical mechanisms of these E-bikes provide high efficiency even after years of usage due to their extreme levels of durability and strength.

Trek E-bikes, Electra E-Bikes, and Devinci E-bikes

Our series of trek electric bikes for Nelson BC consists of bikes that offer excellent solutions for your needs. They’re perfect for those who want to climb a bit longer, adventure a bit farther, or just get there a bit faster. You can easily switch between manual and electric mode on the bike with the flick of a button. Our branded Trek, Electra and Devinci E-bikes are extremely safe and durable allowing you to navigate through rough terrain easily.

Our Downtown location is perfect for people who are looking for E-bikes in the Kootenay’s. Purchase high-quality electric bikes in the Kootenay’s at competitive prices with all necessary safety gear from Sacred Ride today!