2022 Rock Shox Zeb Ultimate

    Long on travel, short on excuses, ZEB Ultimate is a whole new breed of fork designed to challenge the limits and take on the world’s toughest enduro tracks. An updated stiff 38mm chassis includes the new Charger 3 RC2 damper with vibration-killing ButterCup technology. Our highest performing, athlete-proven technologies matched with premium style plays. This is ZEB.
  • A true trail machine we couldn’t wait to have on our bikes and get to you. Featuring an updated DebonAir™ air spring paired with our Charger™ 2.1 damper for unmatched trail control for every sweeping corner or loamy drop in. Ultra-low friction SKF wiper seals and Maxima Plush damping fluid all work overtime to reduce friction, silence noise, and provide lasting fork performance.
  • With bigger bikes come bigger demands. The new Domain takes cues from ZEB, our enduro specialist fork with serious credentials. Domain offers a new burly 38mm chassis, short fender compatibility, and a confidence-inspiring DebonAir air spring matched with a reliable Motion Control RC damper. We even brought the performance of Maxima Plush damping fluid along for the ride. Nothing goes as big as Domain does in value and performance
  • This is Pike DJ. It's a cousin to the award-winning Pike, which makes it look a lot like a trail fork, until you ride it. Pike DJ is built on a stout 35mm chassis and includes a custom-tuned Charger™ damper and specific Solo Air™ system designed for more bottom-out progression than you'll ever need because your trails eventually require some landings.
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    Rockshox Vivid Air R2C

    ***Shock images may vary by size***
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    RockShox Kage RC

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  • The Super Deluxe Coil Ultimate DH was designed to meet all the demands of today's ultra-capable downhill bikes. That coil spring feel paired with the unique Super Deluxe DH tuned design. Now features Maxima Plush fluid for lasting performance and ride quality. Ready to push your riding limits downhill.
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    The DB Kitsuma shock was designed to be very intuitive and easy to use for the rider, on and off the trail. It boasts a wider range of damping adjustment on the compression circuit and increased range of rebound control over any other major shock on the market today.
  • Rock Shox Deluxe Ultimate RCT B2 205X60 Trunnion
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    2021 Rockshox Super Deluxe Select + 230 x 62.5 (Santa Cruz Specific)
  • 2022 Fox 38 Float Factory Series Grip 2 29 170 44
  • FOX 36 Factory 29 Kabotl-X 160 44 Black 2022
  • 2022 FOX 36 Factory 29 160 44 Orange
  • 2022 FOX 36 Factory 29 160 44 Black
  • Nothing sticks to the ground quite like a coil shock. The DHX2 takes that sensation and buttresses it with sophisticated progressive damping, a massive overall tuning range, and super low-friction internals in order to capitalize on the full race-spec magic carpet experience.
  • GAME CHANGER Combining ultra-plush coil-like comfort and incredible damping prowess with the lightweight air spring and an unmatched level of tunability, the Float X2 brings new levels of control and performance to every terrain imaginable.
  • 2022 Fox Float X Factory 185 X 52.5 Trunnion
  • 2022 Fox DHX Factory 230 X 57.5
  • 2021 Fox Float DPX2 Factory 8.5 X 2.5
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    Cane Creek DB-Coil Kitsuma Rear Shock 185x55 Trunnion KITSUMA DB - DOUBLE BARREL HAS EVOLVED

    Continuing the 15-year legacy of Double Barrel twin tube technology shocks from Cane Creek, Kitsuma is an incredibly adjustable rear shock designed to be incredibly easy to use. It caters to all varieties of rider styles, body types, and bicycle frame designs without the need for any internal changes. Kitsuma has expanded on the already wide range of adjustment from its predecessor while also reducing the number of external positions. These two advancements combine to create a discernible difference between each adjustment.


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