• Mountain Bike Handlebar Grips
  • Mountain Bike Handlebar Grips
  • ODI’s first generation Lock-On System are standard for mountain bike racers everywhere. ODI has redefined grip performance again. The new Elite Series grips are engineered from end to end to deliver every feature racers demand.
    Strait Riser might seem improbable, but it’s Strait, not Straight. This Truvativ Descendant CoLab Strait Riser 35 Handlebar is named for Kyle Strait because he rides them and had a hand in the design. First, there’s the bar diameter at the clamp. 35mm. That’s big and stiff. You need to make sure you have a stem to match it. Truvativ has you covered there. The bar is fabricated out of 7050 aluminum for reliability and features an eagle screened onto the center section.
  • Combine a proven shape, proven width, proven materials and a take-no-prisoners approach, and you've got the new 7050 Descendant riser bar. It's stiff, tough, dependable, and gives you all the comfort and positive steering feel you could want. Descendant series bars are the new normal for comfort and control.
  • Race Face Chester 31.8 50 Stem
  • Race Face Respond 31.8 45mm Stem
  • Deity Cavity 31.8 35mm Stem
  • King Of The Mountain
    Ready to get rowdy, the Turbine R is a high-end stem CNC machined for low weight and big-time strength. Built to stand up to them all over the mountain abuse of Enduro, this stem has a 0-degree rise.
  • The Mountain's Your Playground
    Dialled in to fit your modern riding style and set-up, the Turbine R is a rad all-mountain handlebar with an aggressive riding position and a killer strength to weight ratio.
    Bar Width (MM) 800
  • The Legend is Real
    Our Alloy Atlas handlebars are our most popular model because they got everything right. They are made of the strongest material, they're nice and light, they're highly tunable, and now, they're sporting some extra width.
    Bar Width (MM) 820
  • Got No Quit
    If your happy place is on your mountain bike launching off booters and getting loose in the loam, then the Chester is the handlebar for you. Sturdy, reliable, and no-nonsense, it's ready to ride anytime you are.
    Bar Width (MM) 780
  • When The Riding Gets Rowdy
    For dedicated gravity riders with a need for speed, nothing gives you more control and confidence than wrapping your hands around an Atlas handlebar. Plenty wide and strong, this bar will have you shredding DH and Enduro lines like a pro.
    Bar Width (MM) 785
  • Grip It And Rip It
    The Next R 35 handlebars aren't made for sitting around playing patty cake. These shred-ready bars are a loaded 800mm of unidirectional carbon that bring a gravity fueled position and strength level for an aggressive feel at an Enduro weight.
    Bar Width (MM) 800
  • SALE!
    The crown jewel of our stem collection. Strong, light and painstakingly surfaced in Whistler. CNC machined in Canada by mountain bikers! Sharp, clean lines and intricate design.
  • Beautiful and brawny.
    • CNC machined and assembled in Whistler, Canada
    • Sharp, clean and intricate design
    • Strong, stiff and lightweight
    • 35mm bar mount
    • Designed in conjunction with OSX35 and BZA bars
  • Our best value stem for 35mm bars.
    • Cold forged in Taiwan
    • Equally robust as our CNC'd stems
    • Rounder edges and smoother contours
    • More DH/Enduro focused than the HiFi
    • 35mm bar mount 
  • Chromag's best value and most versatile stem, for anything from DH to Dirt-jumping.
  • The crown jewel of our stem collection. Strong, light and painstakingly surfaced in Whistler.
    • CNC machined in Canada by mountain bikers!
    • Sharp, clean lines and intricate design
    • 31.8mm bar mount
    • Our lightest stem
  • Big, burly and badass! DH strength without the weight.
    • Unidirectional carbon weave
    • Up to 25% lighter than aluminum counterparts
    • Stiff with excellent vibration damping for those long descents
    • 35mm clamp
    • Extensively tested and proven design, carbon bars you can trust
  • Our first major success at Chromag was the design and production of forward, relevant handlebars and in 2005, we were arguably the most progressive handlebar producer with some of the widest, strongest bars on the market.  The OSX35 is built off the foundation of the classic OSX, with a 35mm clamp.
    • More DH/Enduro focused than the OSX
    • 35mm clamp
    • 7000 series alloy provides highest strength to weight of all of our bars
  • Intended for dirt jumping, and your trail or DH bike if you need the extra rise.
    • Based on the same platform as the tried and tested OSX but with more rise.
    • Optimized wall profile designed for higher rise bars that experience additional torque.
    • 31.8mm clamp.
    • 40mm rise.
    • 7000 series alloy provides the highest strength to the weight of all of our bars.
  • Chromag has a strong history of manufacturing handlebars. The OSX is one of our best selling products and put us on the map as a bike components company. The OSX has a reputation for its perfect combination of bend and upsweep. This geometry combined with an array of colour choices has made the OSX a popular choice for pretty much any discipline of mountain biking. The OSX 2020 is the next step in our progression. By refining the shape, and utilizing variable butting, high grade alloys and advanced heat treatment techniques, we have increased the fatigue life by over 50%. So much so, that we’ve seen fatigue test results reach over 1 million cycles.
  • Get sharp, dependable shifting with the SRAM X01® 11-speed trigger shifter. Built for precise and swift shifting across our wide range 11-speed cassette, the X01® trigger shifter brings championship technology to everyone.



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