• The shotgun combo is the ultimate setup for your mountain bike kid. Not only will you get the shotgun seat and handlebar accessory, you'll also get our custom mudguard and one of a kind 'shred til bed' stem-cap too.
  • The e-bike adapter is kit you can use with a standard Mac Ride seat that increases the width of the Mac Ride stirrups to allow the seat to fit on a greater number of e-bikes. The width of a Mac Ride seat's stirrups is 73mm. To allow for wiggle room and to ensure Mac Ride's stirrups don't touch your frame, we recommend a max top and down tube width of 68mm or less. This fits almost all cruisers and mountain bikes. If your frame is 68mm or wider, then you need an e-bike adapter. There are two sizes to choose from:
    1. Wide: With the E-Bike Adapter-WIDE, the width grows from 73-102mm, and the recommended width of your top tube and down tube grows from 68mm to 97mm or less.
    • compatible with mountain bikes, commuters, and e-bikes (E-Bike Adapter)
    • Contactless install on carbon frames; dropper post friendly
    • For ages ~2-5, up to 60lb/27kg
    • Includes 2 standard front mount spacers (1 1/8")
    • Sales are in Canadian dollars. Shipping information here
    • Safety and installation information here

    • Front-mounted child seat for kids 2 – 5 years
    • Full rubber protection (for alloy or carbon frames)
    • Adjustable width and angle to fit all-mountain bikes
    • Quick-release fitting for easy installation and removal
  • Your child will love riding up front when they have their own handlebars and grips to hold onto. The shotgun bars provide a warmer alternative for little hands, and stop your co-pilot from playing with your gears, brakes and dropper post!

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